Fire Training & FRA’s

Fire Awareness Course

TrainingThis course has been specially created with input from Local Authority Fire Brigades and the Health and Safety Executive. The course lasts for half a day (approx. 4 hours) and includes:

Fire Physics

  • Triangle of fire
  • Fire evolvement
  • Smoke Travel

Fire Prevention

  • Fire hazards
  • Specific risks

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Theory and practical use of portable extinguishers

Company Protocol

  • Fire and emergency planning
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Fireprotector system for fire documentation

Instilling Competance and Confidence!

All candidates will have 'hands-on' experience to extinguish a fire.  Using our own portable fire extinguishers and aided by a qualified fire officer, there is NO substitute for actually putting out your own fire!

All successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Courses start from £125.00.  Please Contact us for advice or to book your course.

Keep yourself within the law - A trained workforce might save your business!


I.T.S has always shown itself to be conscientious, diligent and flexible. There has been a good continuity of staff, with engineers always eager to provide the best possible customer service. Manning levels have been adjusted quickly and easily, with management taking a pro-active approach to the changing needs of the client
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